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Mission Statement

The mission of The Ashgrove Memorial Kindergarten is to create a nurturing place of joy in learning.  We seek to extend and enrich each child’s life, and to provide opportunities for self-expression and growth.  Our strength is generated by our commitment to our children, our families and our community.


Set off the main road, but convenient and accessible to numerous schools, we have two airconditioned classrooms and a large natural outdoor classroom (the playground) with room to run, and hide, and build… adjacent to parkland, with ample parking.


History of Ashgrove Memorial Kindergarten

Built originally in memory of soldiers of the district who died in World War II, this kindergarten has been part of the Ashgrove community since 1949.  The building was erected by voluntary labour, including fathers of the children, committee members and interested members of the public.

We have been affiliated with the C & K since 1967 until 2011. After the federal government legislated changes to early childhood education, we changed our affiliation to The Gowrie (QLD) Inc . The education of the children remains unchanged and the staff and committee remain committed to the highest standard of education and care of the children of this district.



Your Community Kindergarten

When you decide to send your child to a community centre, rather than any other type of service, it includes unique rights and responsibilities. For the duration of your membership, you become the custodians of the kindergarten and support the Management Committee, which is elected from the families at the centre. The parents and teachers share a joint role in the day to day running of the centre. The benefits of community involvement include contributing to the strength and integrity of
the Ashgrove community and developing new friendships with others who share the same commitment.


Your involvement in the education of your child is also integral to the centre. Partnerships between parents and staff are vital for effective learning of the children. At this most vital stage of your child’s education, you are welcome to remain as involved as possible. There are family members present during the program every day.

Parental involvement can take many forms – Family Roster (spending part or all of the day at kindergarten with your child and their class), Maintenance Roster (group or take-home work on the building, grounds or equipment, Management Committee (administering the centre), Parent Meetings (topics on children and learning) and social functions. We are conscious of the many commitments families have, and have flexible arrangements to suit you. But remember, you are welcome any time, for any length of time. This is your kindergarten.



This philosophy outlines the principles under which our service operates. This philosophy reflects the principles of the National Quality Framework (NQF) (COAG, 2008) and the National Quality Standard (NQS) (DEEWR, 2009b). The national Early Years Learning Framework and the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guide curriculum are also embedded in and inform this philosophy. It underpins the decisions, policies and daily practices of the approved provider, nominated supervisor, educators, co-ordinators and staff members and assists in planning, implementing and evaluating quality experiences for children. It reflects a shared understanding of the role of the service with children, families and the community.

Our Philosophy

We acknowledge the rights of the children as paramount. They have the right to a safe, healthy and inclusive environment in which to learn. They have a right to be treated warmly and respectfully. We believe not only in the competence and capability of each child, but also in their right to be active participants in and co-constructors of their learning. For this reason, our programs allow room for the many possibilities and opportunities for learning that occur on a daily basis. Our practices and interactions promote children’s agency as active participants and decision makers in matters affecting them.

 We have a strong emphasis on play as children’s natural, dynamic and holistic context for learning. Curriculum decision-making is strongly informed by the context, setting and cultural diversity of our families and our community. Each child’s current knowledge, ideas, culture, abilities and interests are the foundation of our program. We provide diverse learning experiences and endeavour to walk alongside each child on their learning journey.

 We value strong, respectful and equitable relationships between educators, children and families. We believe in equity and inclusion and we value diversity. We reflect this in the involvement of our families in our program and we support their role in the parenting and education of their children, respecting their values and beliefs about child rearing. We strive to work as a team with families to gain the optimal outcomes for the child. We encourage the enrolment of children with additional needs and value their involvement.  

 We acknowledge Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the original custodians of this land and we value their diverse cultures. Whenever possible, we include respectful reference to aspects of these which are relevant to the children’s lives and learning. Equity and social justice is reflected in our policies and practices.

 We enable children to feel connected to their world and have every opportunity to develop intellectually, physically, socially and emotionally, at their own pace. We provide opportunities to learn and develop a sustainable approach to their world for the benefit of future generations.

 As educators, we are committed to improvement and are continually upgrading our knowledge of children and child educational practices through conferences, workshops, professional collaboration and reading professional journals. We strive for excellence in our service to children, families and our community.


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