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News and Events

We have many events and visitors over the year – as part of our educational programme and as a service to our families and a connection to our community. The following is a selection of the type of events we hold.

Welcome Barbeque: held at the beginning of the year, a great chance for attending families to get to know each other. We usually have a musical performer for the children and sausages for everyone.

Parent Information Evenings: We respond to the needs of current families – usually we have a speaker on Behaviour Management which is very informative and well-attended by parents and teachers from the kindy and the community

Grandparents Morning (or special visitors if no grandparents nearby): A chance for the children to show their extended families around; we put on a little show for them – songs and games, and serve them morning tea which we have baked for them.

Evergreen Theatre: Evergreen Theatre visits each group with shows on either the rainforest or the reef, incorporating environmental awareness.

Farm Visit: our one excursion – to Trevena Glen farm at Samford. Hayride, horse ride, feed the animals. A wonderful day. All parents welcome.

Geckoes Wildlife: crocodiles, turtles, possums, owls, large pythons! – the children can handle them all. The teachers use this opportunity to discuss emotions -á little bit scared, a lot excited?’ and help children gain control of them.

African Drummer: not only does he bring enough drums for everyone to play, he shows how people in Africa shop, carry babies, warm up – great fun and a delightful insight into a different culture.

Barndance / Disco: yes, your chance to do Knees Up Mother Brown with all the children. Held in a suitable venue, attended by all the kindergarten families and friends, a fun Saturday afternoon.

Indigenous Insights: Aunty Sharon presents Birralii Cultural Experience.

Break-Up Parties & Concerts: we celebrate the end of the kindy year with the families – the children perform some of the 200 songs and games they will have learnt over the year, the teachers cry.

All this is in addition to the events which occur naturally as children bring their pets, show their visiting auntie around, parents bath their babies helped by many hands, firefighter fathers bring the firetruck, crafty parents share their hobbies, scientist parents bring powerful magnets….

Every year brings new families with new interests.

                African drummer

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