CaroleSMCarol Braunack (Ms Braunack): Diploma of Teaching (Early Childhood), Bachelor of Arts (psychology major). Teacher registration 446432

Here since 1984

Director. Teacher Blue & Green groups

Carol has extensive experience in Early Childhood Education, both in teaching young children and in tutoring and guest-lecturing at university. She has expertise in young gifted children and is delighted to be teaching her second generation of children in Ashgrove – past students returning with their own children.

2 adult children (no grandchildren…yet!)


Michelle Christie (Miss Michelle): Certificate III in Child Care

Here since 2015

Assistant,  Green Group

Michelle is raising 4 boys at home, loves working with children and has 9 years experience, is calm and competent, warm and responsible and we are delighted she is on our team.

4 boys at home


morena-smallMorena Nina (Ms Nina): currently completing Certificate III in Community Services (Children’s Services) as part of her Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care

Here since 2015

Assistant Blue group

Morena was a parent at the kindy in 2014 and has become a wonderful assistant in Blue group. She is gentle and cheerful and a pleasure to work with.

1 child at home (past pupil)


Lisa photoLisa Cranny (Ms Lisa)
Grad Diploma in Education (Early Childhood Teaching), Bachelor of Science (psychology major).

Teacher Registration 762090

Teacher, Yellow Group

Here since 2013

Lisa is an experienced teacher who has taught in primary schools and early childhood settings. She values the relationships she forms with children and families. Lisa believes in encouraging children to be confident, happy, independent learners.

2 adult daughters and 1 daughter completing school.


LindaLinda Casey (Ms Linda): Certificate III in Community Services (Children’s Services)

Here since 2007

Assistant, Yellow Group

Linda enjoys the early years and aims to create a calm, creative and workable space where children can thrive.  By working in a team with Lisa, she values the important role that educators have in kindergarten.

2 adult daughters – empty nester.


angleaprattsmallAngela Platt (Ms Platt): Bachelor of Education specialising in Early Childhood

Teacher registration 782540

Here since 2015

Teacher, Red Group

Angela is an experienced teacher who is welcoming and enthusiastic.  Relationships with families and children are the foundation of her approach.  She encourages children to become confident and engaged learners in a space of creativity and warmth.  Angela has taught in primary schools before joining Ashgrove Memorial, with many years in Year 1 and Prep.

2 children at home (past pupils)


Hellen Meland (Hellen): Certificate III in Community Services (Children’s Services)

Here since 2005

Assistant, Red Group

Hellen also was a wonderful parent here. She realised what a great place it was and got her qualifications to come back and work here, ably assisting Angela in the Red group

4 children (all past pupils)


AmySMAmy Hancock (Miss Hancock): Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood)

Here since 2009

Co-ordinator, After Care

Amy is a fully qualified Early Childhood teacher who successfully co ordinates the centre’s After Care program which is a relaxed and individualised one.

Amy enjoys working with the children and seeing them develop and grow throughout the year.


Gill Duncan (Miss Gill): Diploma of Teaching (Early Childhood Education), Certificate in Fine Art

Here since 2020

After Care Assistant for Yellow and Green groups, Inclusion Assistant Yellow Group

Gill is New Zealand trained and has lots of experience in varied Early Childhood settings. Gill believes in teaching children about natural environments, sustainability, and our connection to the land. Gill also has an interest in all things creative and enjoys sharing this with the children.


Racheal Wong (Miss Racheal)

Here since 2020

After Care Assistant for Red and Blue groups.

Racheal worked as a Solicitor for two years until she decided for a career change as she has always been passionate about interacting with and teaching children.  She is keen to get experience while she completes her Master of Teaching (Early Childhood) degree.


Emma Grimson (Emma):

Here since 2019


Emma is a Chartered Accountant who has enjoyed been actively involved with her children’s school and is loving working in our community environment.

1 daughter at university and 2 sons in high school

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